Making someone else happy, or at the minimum happier, has many benefits. The happiness spreads back to you as you see his or her face light up and you know you did the right thing.
     It spreads back to you as people have a strong tendency to want to give back when you have done something good for them.  ALSO,  it spreads out into the world, that's the best, as that now "happier" person spreads his or her happiness to other people.


   Help out practically.     Perhaps, lend someone a hand when they are moving or need other help on the home front. Give them a ride to the doctor or dentist's office. Do errands for them if you are headed that direction anyway.  Even something as simple as needed information they might not be able to accomplish themselves. You can try to find a solution by asking the people you know or via the Internet.  Someone always has an answer/solution.
  Just listen.    Sometimes a friend, or someone close to you, may just want to vent or have someone to listen... as he or she figures things out. It may not seem like much, but it can be an immense help for someone who needs it. So, be there fully.
 Openness and growth.     Saying yes to being open to the good things in life and growing as a person plays a big role when it comes to happiness.
How to do it:

   Change one thing at a time    Changing many things or your whole life at once, sure sounds good. But willpower is something we often overestimate and everyday life tends to get in the way. So, to make sure you have a much better chance of changing a habit or area of your life... change just one thing at a time.

 Start small      Just say "no" to one small thing you don’t want to do this week. Or, forgive one person for one thing. Or, help and make someone happy in some small way.  Take one small step outside of your comfort zone.

Living your life fully despite setbacks     When things have been standing still for while or you hit a bump in the road then it’s easy to back shrink... to give in or give up.  Don't!

But a better way to say yes to happiness in those situations is to say yes to living your life fully.

How to do it:

   Keep going  
         When you fail or make a mistake don’t give up. Reconnect with optimism by using the questions I wrote about in my previous blog entry:  Happy is as Happy Does.   Find inspiration from books and blogs and the people around you. Don’t beat yourself up. Instead nudge yourself back on track again.

Remember, it’s not too late to change your life. 

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