I often write about Integrity, one of my own personal choices in life.  Although I often take a great deal of "heat" in doing so ... I make the choice of handling issues in my life with Integrity: you know, making the right choice in spite of the outcome.  That involves telling the truth. Sometimes, these "truths" are said to others... even when they might not be welcome at the time.  Hopefully, with the passage of time, the offender(s) will see the error of his (her) ways.  In business, relationships, and within our communities, the one who speaks up is often though of as a "trouble-maker" or even rebellious.  Often, they are just "telling the truth!"  The truth is always the truth.
When one chooses not to address a wrong, especially if it affects others negatively, to me, that's prideful. It's the easy way out and it's the path of least resistance. I believe it translates that you care for your own well-being,  more than the well-being of others.   That, seems to lack integrity.  With this easy-out choice, we are more concerned with being "liked" and a "good guy"  than trying to right a wrong that is clearly evident and hurtful to others. It has never been easy to stand up to harmful practices by others.
True, when we make the attempt to correct a wrong...we usually ruffle some feathers. We have to actively step out of our own comfort zone and approach someone who has been safely "existing" (perhaps not even living) in his/her comfort zone.  It's difficult to address someone about his/her negative choices in life that affects others.  But it can be done. It's the most difficult when it's someone we love.
 Caution. Do it with great thought and prior contemplation. Doing the right thing isn't always easy or the popular route. But, it makes the world a far better place for all.  In the end, you can live with yourself and you have "stepped up" to the proverbial plate.

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