Admitting we are "wrong" in any situation... is difficult.   It happens every day: in the workplace, at home, and in our daily routines.  Admitting we have done something "wrong" to another human being... is even more difficult.   Sometimes, I refer to it as : stepping up to the plate.  Similar to an athlete that might not see the ball coming directly at them...stepping up to the me, means that you are at least in the game (and in this case it's the game of LIFE and you are willing to own up to the fast ball coming your way)...even if you strike out or are hit hard by that ball.
It takes courage to admit a fault or a wrong that you have done to someone else.  It takes even more courage to admit it and then never do it again. I'm pretty sure that someone who suffers dependency in any area deals with this issue every day. Is this the last day I purposely hurt someone's feelings or say something about them behind their back, hoping they never know it was me.  Is today the last day I drink or do drugs? Is today the last day I cheat, steal, or lie?   Is today the last day I "abuse" someone else?...but you get the idea.   I know you do.
Truely, someone who comes forth in any venue and admits their faults has my total respect. But someone who comes forth, admits his/her limitations, and then does everything humanly possible to correct that injury or dysfunction is an example of highest regard for all of us.  In actuality, not only have they stepped up to the plate, but they have won the inning. There will be many, many innings for all of us. Step up to the plate, today.

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